iDealBed Dream G1 Adjustable Bed Base, Wireless, Memory Pre-Sets, Anti-Snore

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iDealBed Dream G1 Adjustable Bed Base, Wireless, Memory Pre-Sets, Anti-Snore

Where comfort and quality meet, you'll find the all new iDealBed Dream G1 Adjustable Bed Base. Redesigned using an Aerodynamic Tubular Steel Frame that ensures strength and durability. Including a luxurious ergonomic 8-button back-lit remote, allowing for full head and foot articulation, 2 pre-set positions, and 2 custom pre-set buttons. Featuring iDealBed Micro-Bead Grip fabric embedded into the upper deck, eliminating the need for a retainer bar. Emergency battery backup allows full head and foot movement even during a power outage.



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  • Luxurious ergonomic 8-button back-lit wireless remote to customize settings to your preferences
  • 2 programmable memory positions which allow you to save custom pre-sets for your favorite positions
  • 2 Pre-programmed iDeal Comfort one touch buttons including Anti-Snore, and Flat
  • The Flat pre-set automatically brings the adjustable bed base back to its original position
  • Head and foot can be elevated to virtually any angle, allowing maximum comfort for you and your partner
  • Head Articulates up to 70° | Foot Articulates up to 45°
  • Advanced smooth and silent drive motors with a heavy lift capacity of up to 850 lbs
  • Aerodynamic tubular steel frame for strength and durability without the extra weight
  • Emergency battery backup box for power outage instances

 Dream G1 Adjustable Base

Bluetooth Connectivity:
Wireless Remote: Yes
Massage: x
Head Articulation: Yes
Foot Articulation: Yes
Neck/Pillow Tilt: x
Lumbar Articulation: x
Style: Foundation
Weight Capacity: 850 LBS
Wall Hugger: x
USB Charging Ports: x
Underbed Lighting: x
Programmable Memory Positions: Yes
Zero Gravity Preset Button: x
Other Preset Positions: Yes
Zero Clearance (Useable Without Legs): x
Leg Height: 11"
Total Height: 14"




Warranty & Protection Plans
Standard Manufacturer 1-3-10 Limited Warranty
  • 1 year(s) Full Warranty
  • Limited Warranty years 2-10
Optional Protection Plan
  • 10 Year Zero-Cost Protection
How does my Adjustable Bed Warranty Work?
Year Standard Manufacturers Limited Warranty Optional Protection Plan
1-1 Full Coverage Covered by Manufacturer
2-3 Labor and shipping costs not covered All parts and costs covered, with in-home repair included.
4-10 Only steel base parts covered. Any electronics, electrical components, drive motors or massage motors are not covered. Customer pays shipping, labor, and any other parts costs All parts and costs covered, with in-home repair included.

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