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Our Business model is simple, the best quality products for the best prices possible while still offering the best customer service in the industry. We use our high volume purchasing power for the lowest prices and pass the savings on to our customers. We are here to help you find the right mattress! Our knowledgable, trained staff is here to provide a no-pressure, straight forward service to answer any questions and help guide you in your online shopping process. Shopping online is hard enough as is, so why complicate it any further?
Please feel free to contact us anytime by phone or e-mail for any questions or help.

Founded with the consumer in mind

We understand that mattress shopping is a very confusing and frustrating task, as there are so many different brands and model names in today's market. We strive to offer our customers the best quality products, at the best prices possible. Our aim is to ensure each customer has the best possible buying experience with DealBeds. We offer fast free shipping and delivery to all areas in the United States.

DealBeds.com Supports Local Businesses!

Although we are primarily an online retailer, most of our products are newly manufactured in small town manufacturing plants across the United States. (We do not sell any used or returned merchandise. All returns are sent back to the manufacturer, donated, or disposed of.) We also utilize delivery and installation companies local to you!