Mattress Comfort Rating


This Comfort Rating is based on a 100 point rating, with 10 being the Firmest and 100 being the Softest. It is important to understand that the level of comfort has nothing to do with the actual support your back receives from the mattress. Comfort and support are two independent factors when choosing a mattress.


Comfort Zone 10-30

10. Ultimate/Extra Firm - An ultra or extra firm comfort level offers the highest level of support. This comfort zone is ideal for individuals with back issues in need of extra firmness and support to promote proper posture throughout the night.
20. Firm - Traditional firm is considered supportive with little cushioning, creating a firm overall feel for added support where needed.
30. Medium Firm - Medium firm, still being considered a firm comfort level, will have some added cushioning, for a softer initial impact.


Comfort Zone 40-60

40. Luxury/Cushioned Firm - A cushioned, or otherwise known as "luxury" firm mattress will create a balance of both comfort and support with added plush cushioning at the sleeping surface and underlying support beneath.
50. Plush - Plush is considered neutral, falling in the middle comfort range. Added cushioning creates an overall soft comfort experience
60. Luxury Plush - This comfort level is a softer conforming feel above a medium comfort level


Comfort Zone 70-100

70. Extra Plush - With this you will start to feel like you're sinking in. The mattress will start to encapsulate you.
80. Super Plush - A softer comfort level will feel more sinking 
90. & 100. Ultra Plush - The softest comfort level with a cloud like feel. For sleepers who enjoy an enveloping softness and "sinking in to your mattress" feeling.

The comfort rating is based on information supplied by manufacturer and industry experts. Comfort and Comfort Ratings are a subjective measures. This is here as a guide only and should not be used to substitute you own preferences. If in doubt, please try mattresses locally before purchasing online. 

Should you wish to try mattresses for comfort, please contact us to find the nearest location with specific mattresses on display. It should be noted that display mattresses may have different comfort profiles to a newly delivered mattress due to time in service and usage. 

For any additional questions or help please feel free to contact one of our customer care specialists at 800-996-4340