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DealBeds.com Staff Blogs and Insights

Serta iSeries Applause vs. Vantage

Posted by Timothy O'Brien on

If you're shopping for a Firm Innerspring mattress I'm sure you've come across Serta's iSeries Vantage Firm by now. Maybe you did some research and also came across Consumer Report's Review, along with the previous model, the Applause. The great debate of the Applause vs. Vantage...

When you compare the two side by side, with a list of specifications and details for each, it might be hard to get a full understanding of how all of this information actually applies to the mattress itself and its overall rating. There are so many different aspects to consider when purchasing a mattress, but no matter what type or comfort level you are looking for, there are some important areas to consider that apply to any mattress you may choose. Durability, price, quality for price, all of these are important factors that you're probably curious about as well.

As we know, the Applause has been rated very, very well, in fact #1 for years. But why hasn't the newly released version, the Vantage, received these same great ratings and remarks? That's exactly what we'd like to know, and we're putting it to the test! 

Consumer Report's has mentioned in their review a few different points in the Vantage vs. Applause topic, most importantly, a lack of support in Serta's new Vantage version. When doing a side by side comparison, with a break down of each layer and detailed specs. of the build, they appear identical at a glance. In fact, the only differences noticed between them, appear to be actual upgrades. This includes an increased coil count... from 914, to 1008. Certainly doesn't seem like a downgrade or compromise in the innerspring or pocketed coil technology, right? An increased coil count is something that comes along with any higher end mattress. The innerspring system is what creates the entire support foundation in a mattress. Serta's individually pocketed coil technology, creating the support and firmness, was not taken away from, but rather improved upon, along with other features. 

In addition to the increased coil count, Serta also decided to implement their new Dual Action Cool Effects Gel Memory Foam Technology. This newly released, improved gel memory foam technology was implemented in their entire line of products, including the Vantage Firm model. Gel memory foam serves as a tool in temperature regulation, creating a cool and comfortable sleeping temperature throughout the night. Personally, I've always been impressed with the advancements in technology in general, and if I can, I go for the latest and greatest when making a purchase.

With all of this in mind, the bottom line is, we've seen the Applause, we've seen the Vantage, and if one stands above the other, its the Vantage. This is from an unbiased point of view, and based solely on a comparison of detailed specifications, how these factors apply over time, on a realistic scale, with careful testing. None of this is to discredit reviews or information released elsewhere, but rather intended to provide clarification.  

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