What sets Reverie mattresses apart from the competition?

Reverie's patented DreamCell™ mattress, which uses micro targeted firmness to bring your spine into proper alignment.

It’s a new, holistic way to think about sleep. Many factors influence comfort, and they vary for each person. So our systems were designed to provide maximum comfort by addressing as many of your needs as possible. That means a mattress that accommodates the differing support needs of both people who sleep on it. 


Customization. It’s our thing. 
And it matters.

Why? Because it’s the only way to real comfort. You’re unique, right? So why settle for a one-size-fits-all bed built for the masses. We give you the options you need for a bed to be right for you. For your size, your sleeping position, your senses and any health issues. Nobody offers more options in a mattress. 


Our DreamCell™ mattress. 
It looks different. Because it is.

You’ve never seen a mattress like this before. We constructed our mattress using individual DreamCell foam springs. These springs allow micro targeted firmness to better align with your spine. In fact, we can provide it precisely where you sleep on the mattress. We do this on both the right and left of the mattress, so your partner also enjoys maximum comfort, too. The DreamCell construction also has other benefits. Like increased airflow throughout the mattress for a more comfortable sleeping temperature. And the foam springs can be reconfigured later to accommodate temporary conditions in your life – injuries, pregnancy, weight changes or change in sleeping position. All of this provides an unprecedented level of comfort throughout the life of the mattress.



How our ingenious little foam springs work.

They come in four different densities. Hundreds of them throughout the mattress, to perfectly support your specific body. After consulting with you, we arrange them according to your body size, sleeping position and any health conditions. And because we’re always thinking, we made them reconfigurable in case your needs change. Hurt your back? Simply unzip the mattress and rearrange the cells until they feel perfect for your sore back. We provide configuration charts to help.*


Velvety feel? Or light and plush?

How do you want your mattress to feel? Decadently luxurious? Or light and airy? This year, we’re bringing you a choice in the comfort layer that goes over our DreamCell foam springs.

There’s our new Hybrid line, which combines memory foam with a layer of breathable latex on top. So you get the great feel of memory foam without the heat.

Or choose our classic Natural latex line with with a gentle responsive feel. We use all-natural Talalay latex, which repels allergens and also sleeps cool.


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