Order Cancellation Policy

Last updated November 18, 2023

Thank you for your purchase. When you place your order, you should receive an email acknowledging what you have purchased. If you do not receive this email within 60-minutes (please check your spam folder) please call us to verify your email address and order. 

We understand that errors may be made. We are happy to assist to the best of our ability. The following are the key stages to your order:

      • Processing - Your order has been received and we are performing our back office checks. We ensure that the order is not fraudulent, and obtain insurance on the shipment. 
      • Awaiting Fulfillment - Your order has passed all the back office checks and the funds have been captured. Your order will be queued for picking or processing to one of our manufacturers for direct delivery. 
      • Awaiting Shipment Information from Manufacturer - Your order has been sent to the manufacturer for direct delivery from them. Shipping has begun and we are waiting for the confirmation of your tracking information. 
      • Shipped - Your order has been shipped. If coming from our distribution center, we have packaged your item and placed it on the carrier's truck. When shipping direct from the manufacturer, the manufacturer has provided us with the tracking number associated with the shipment. 


Should you need to cancel your order, please contact us directly on 800.996.4340 Monday through Friday between 9am and 9pm and Saturday between 10am and 7pm, all times are Eastern. 

Please do not attempt to cancel your order via email. Emails can take up to 2-business days to be processed and can cause orders to move from a free cancellation status to one where fees may be applicable. 


If your order status is Processing, or Awaiting Fulfillment, we can offer a free of charge cancellation. 

If your order is Awaiting Shipment from Manufacturer we will attempt to cancel your order with the manufacturer. In most cases Awaiting Shipment means the order has already been shipped, but we have not yet received the tracking information. In these cases, a return shipping charge will be applied to your refund. We will notify you of the return shipping fee before we cancel your order. 

In some cases, with smaller items, they may be in possession of the carrier and we cannot cancel the item. In these cases we will send you an email with a return shipping label and the cost of the return shipping. 

Once an order has been shipped you can still request to cancel your order. In these cases we will provide a quote for the return shipping. In some instances we can contact the carrier and have the item returned to our distribution center. 

Refusing Delivery

Unless refusing for visible damage you will be charged the full return shipping amount for a refused delivery. If refusing for damage, please take photographs of the damage with the driver there and then contact us for next steps. 

Please note - canceling an order with the carrier, or refusing delivery of your order will still result in return shipping charges being applied to your account. It may also result in a delay in processing your refund. 


If you have any questions concerning our order cancellation policy, please contact us at: