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Frequently Asked Questions About Adjustable Beds

How can I use a “Split King” adjustable base with a Standard (Non-Split) King mattress?
All King size adjustable bases are sold as two units, side by side. Each unit is Twin XL size (80”x38”), which when placed together makes Standard King Size dimensions (80”x76”). Each Split King set includes a “sync cable” allowing you to connect the two, to operate together.
What mattresses can be used with an adjustable base?
Most mattresses, whether innerspring or memory foam, are compatible with any adjustable base. Mattresses today feature a flexible design to allow for compatibility with an adjustable base. If you are unsure if your current mattress, or any mattress of interest will be compatible, simply ask one of our trained representatives.
How much assembly is required?
Your adjustable base will arrive pre-assembled for the most part. Assembly required includes, attaching legs, retainer bars and other small attachments if necessary. (Any tools, if needed, are included.) The weight of the base will vary depending on model and size. If you are unable to lift heavy items, or do not have a helping hand, consider taking advantage of our White Glove Delivery Service (Includes set-up in room of choice).
Can I use a bed frame or headboard with an adjustable base?
Yes, any size selected will feature standard dimensions and fit comfortably inside a bed frame (Height will vary). If your frame has slats that stretch across, make sure they can be removed to allow complete clearance inside. Optional “Headboard Brackets” can also be used for a free-standing headboard to be attached. The headboard bracket kit is included with select models, and otherwise may be added separately. Inquire with sales department for further details.
Can the height of the adjustable base be adjusted?
Some bases come standard with one set leg height, with the option of purchasing variable leg height options separately. Others may include a “3-In-1” design that can be adjusted by simply screwing in the optional extensions. Certain models may feature a leg design that does not include the option of adjusting, such as wooden legs that must be used with the standard size included. (Castors that are available for select models effect height as well, and may be used with or without).
Can I use my existing headboard with an adjustable bed?
All of our adjustable beds can be used with a traditional headboard, but will require the optional headboard bracket kit (available here) to attach the headboard to the adjustable base.