iDealBed 4 Series Mattress Branding

Understanding the Branding on Your iDealBed 4 Series Mattress

When you purchase a high-quality mattress from IdealBed, such as the G4 Nova or the S4 Nebula, you expect everything to be perfect. This includes the condition and labeling of the packaging. In this blog, we'll explain the branding on the boxes these mattresses come in and address any concerns you might have if you receive a box marked as i4 instead of the specific model you purchased.

The iDealBed 4 Series Mattress Line

The iDealBed 4 Series is a line of premium mattresses that includes two main varieties: the G4 Nova and the S4 Nebula. Here's what sets them apart:

G4 Nova: Gel Memory Foam

The G4 Nova is designed with advanced gel memory foam technology. It provides excellent support, pressure relief, and temperature regulation, making it an ideal choice for those who prefer the contouring feel of memory foam.

S4 Nebula: Spring

The S4 Nebula features an innerspring system that combines the traditional support of springs with the comfort layers of foam. This mattress is perfect for those who enjoy the classic bounce and support of an innerspring mattress.

Why the Box Might Be Marked as i4

If you receive a box labeled as i4 instead of G4 Nova or S4 Nebula, there's no need to worry. The i4 marking is a reference to the iDealBed 4 Series as a whole, which includes both the G4 Nova and S4 Nebula. This series branding is used for streamlined packaging and logistics purposes.

To ensure you have received the correct mattress, check the following:

Lawtag Label

The most reliable way to verify the contents of the box is to look at the lawtag label, which is typically blue and located on the top of the box. This label provides detailed information about the product inside, including the specific model. Whether it's the G4 Nova or the S4 Nebula, the lawtag label will accurately describe the mattress you ordered.

Detailed Branding Information

Here's a more detailed explanation of the branding and labeling process to alleviate any concerns:

Unified Series Branding

The iDealBed 4 Series encompasses both the G4 Nova and S4 Nebula mattresses. The i4 branding on the box is a unified identifier for this series, helping to streamline the packaging process and reduce the risk of mislabeling. This practice ensures consistency and efficiency in handling and shipping.

Product Identification

Despite the series branding, each box contains specific identifiers to ensure you receive the correct product. The lawtag label, as mentioned earlier, is the key identifier. This label includes the full product name, detailed specifications, and compliance information.

Quality Assurance

iDealBed maintains strict quality assurance protocols to ensure that every mattress is correctly labeled and shipped. The unified branding strategy does not compromise the accuracy of product identification. Each mattress undergoes thorough inspection and verification before packaging.


Receiving a box marked as i4 instead of the specific G4 Nova or S4 Nebula can understandably cause confusion. However, this labeling is part of a streamlined branding strategy for the iDealBed 4 Series. To confirm you've received the correct mattress, simply check the blue lawtag label on the top of the box, which provides detailed information about the product inside.

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