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Fashion Bed Group Platinum Mattress Protector

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Fashion Bed Group Platinum Mattress Protector

The Fashion Bed Group Platinum Protector will provide you and your family a clean and hypoallergenic sleeping environment by defending your mattress from stains, moisture, dust mites, and pet dander. An uncovered mattress can become the perfect breeding ground for dust mites that can cause allergies, asthma, eczema and rhinitis. Dust mites are invisible to the naked eye, and live on the millions of skin cells and body fluid that we expel every night while sleeping. The Platinum protector works by an advanced cotton-toweling, highly breathable fabric design, and extra 100% waterproof layer defends your mattress from sweat, urine and other stain causing body moisture. The smooth, quiet and extremely comfortable fabric will provide health benefits, while helping you sleep cooler by maintaining a comfortable sleeping temperature for a good night's rest. The easy fit, super-stretch pockets hook on to your mattress corners just like a regular fitted bed sheet. In the instance of a liquid spill or regular cleaning, the Platinum Protector is machine washable so just pull the sheet off your mattress, toss into the washing machine, and tumble dry at low temperatures. The Fashion Bed Group Platinum Mattress Protector is backed by a 10-year limited product and mattress warranty. The Fashion Bed Group, a division of globally diversified Leggett & Platt Inc., is an industry leader in the production of fashionable beds, adjustable bed bases, top of bed textiles, bedding support and barstools. By keeping a close eye on the design community and other fashion and decorating sources, Fashion Bed Group stays on top of the trends and knows the right mix of finishes and innovative designs to continually provide quality crafted products at an exceptional value.



  • Twin Size, 100% Waterproof Protector Defends Against Stains, Body Fluids, Moisture, Dust Mites, Pet Dander, and other Harmful Substances 
  • Provides health Benefits for Households by Creating a Clean and Hypoallergenic Sleeping Environment 
  • Maintains a Comfortable Sleeping Temperature for a Good Night's Rest 
  • Easy Fit, Super Stretch Pockets Hook on to your Mattress Corners like a Regular Fitted Bed Sheet
  • Protected by 10 Year Limited Product Warranty 
10 Year Warranty

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