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Malouf Ascend 14" Aeroflex Hybrid Mattress

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Malouf Ascend 14" AeroFlex Hybrid Firm Mattress

Find the balance you’re dreaming of with the Ascend AeroFlex Mattress. The top layer of latex provides firm support, a springy response, and natural air circulation to keep you cool and comfortable all night. Add pocketed coils that minimize your partner’s movements and you've got the perfect combination for blissful, uninterrupted sleep.


 Sleep Supported

Luxury/Cushioned Firm
A cushioned, or otherwise known as "luxury" firm mattress will create a balance of both comfort and support with added plush cushioning at the sleeping surface and underlying support beneath.

 Comfort Slide

  • Ventilated AeroFlex™ layer is made of premium latex, with a super breathable and quick-response feel that offers firm support while lightly contouring the body
  • Ultra-plush CoolSync™ foam has a gel infusion, offering additional contouring and pressure relief, while simultaneously balancing sleep temperature
  • Individually-encased steel coils absorb and isolate motion, creating an extremely strong core of support
  • Supportive base foam provides a stable foundation while still remaining flexible for use with an adjustable bed base
  • Chambray sidewall fabric adds softness and a luxurious look and feel from all sides
  • Quilted jacquard cover keeps everything in place and offers a plush, breathable sleep surface

 Ascend Cutaway

Mattress Specifications
Quilting Layers
  • Soft Jacquard Cover
  • Chambray Sidewall Fabric
Upholstery Layers
  • Ventilated & Supportive AeroFlex Latex
  • Ultra-Plush CoolSync Foam
  • Medium-Plush CoolSync Foam
Support System
  • Individually Encased Coils
  • High-Density Base Foam
Coil Count
  • N/A
Coil Gauge
  • N/A
Mattress Height
  • Approximately 14"


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